Cesspit vault
Cesspit vault
Old kitchen and servant
Old kitchen and servant

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basement floorplan

Front Vault Left: Waste Management System - soakaway/servants cesspit + street washaway into soakaway + coal hole.

Front Vault Right: coal cellar still with working coal hole.

Front Room: 1734 kitchen with early 19c sink, range and original spice cupboard; cold room beneath kitchen; original yorkstone passageway.

Middle: 18c fireplace; 19c flooring, window into cesspit vault.

Rear Vault: 1734 cesspit and arched vault floodlit upwards.

sockets5x13 amp socket positions (5 amp is switched) TV/FM sockets.

Telecom hubs (10 lines per floor), 2 per floor, not marked.

Paint: Cream flat oil throughout.

Available rooms are shaded grey.

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